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17 Best Halloween Masks for 3D Printing (#9 won't let you turn the lights off!)

17 Best Halloween Masks for 3D Printing (#9 won't let you turn the lights off!)

As the bewitching hour rapidly approaches...
the pumpkins lined up ready for carving...

and loathsome beasts prepare to rise again...

to the shrieks of fear-drenched excitement...
that ring out for Halloween.

The only question that remains - what to wear?

Or as creative 3D makers prefer...

What beastly Halloween costume can I make this year? 

These fearsome Halloween masks are guaranteed to unleash your inner Mr. Hyde

As you slave away like a madman mixing concoctions under the light of the moon.

Or slowly...
stitch the parts together...
until that moment comes...
when you raise your hands...
and decry to the world... 

(Sorry, couldn't help dropping in that classic scene from one of my favourite movies) 

Right, back to the masks...

Clowns are in the news at the moment for all the wrong reasons.

Personally, I blame this guy...

And I'm not too proud to say I'd be on my toes getting the heck outta there if a clown wearing one of these 3d Halloween clown masks turned up at my door uninvited.


If you're anything like me you get all excited about the potential impact of 3D printing.

Unfortunately, after getting a little bit too excitable I'm all too often met with a blank stare, just like this...

These masks will surely turn out perfectly with the purest white filament you can find: Our Snow White Voltivo ExcelFil ABS/PLA or the brand new ExcelFil EVO -- strong like ABS but prints like PLA

Some people just don't get the creative opportunities that 3D printing opens up... like the jaws in the next mask.

Great form detail and the elasticated jaw in this 3D printed mask will leave your prey feeling a little... well... unhinged.

Print this mask with our ExcelFil TECH Copper Filament for the metallic look-and-feel shown in the picture!

It just wouldn't be a scare-fest without the mask of Jason Voorhees and this selection look spine-tinglingly good.












Jason Voorhees Mask 3D Rendering




I don't know about you but that's gonna put the creeps up me.

Let's mellow down a little with this superb LED low poly mask.

3D Printed LED Low Poly Mask











Don't try printing this with transparent filament; instead use eco3D Light Diffusion 3D Printing Filament perfect for any LED application -- scary or not!

This is an oldie but a goodie, and with the Joker being flavour of the month in the official 'evil-baddie naughty list' thanks to Suicide Squad, there's no way we could leave this out.

3D Printed Mask The Joker

I mean seriously!

That is just wickedness!

Let's take a look at something a bit easier to build and less likely to cause nightmares for years.  

Like this great looking devil mask... although the beard is optional.

3D Printed Devil Mask

Or for something a bit more complex how about the detail in this demon mask.

3D Printed Demon Mask

And here's another great model for showing off your pearly-whites.

 3D Printed Evil Smile Mask

Can't decide which ones of these to print? Why don't you get our Red/Orange/White filament pack and go for all 3? Or choose one of our other 11 highly discounted Cubicity Halloween PLA Filament Bundles to get started.

Or if you're ready to unleash a whole world of evil then there's not many scarier than this guy.


This mask will sure look awesome using a Bronze 3D Printing Filament.

Now with all those evil beasts around we could do with a few brave and noble warriors.

Just like the Black Panther...

This full-face mask looks incredible.

 Or how about transforming into that well-meaning demon Hellboy.


And for the ladies, this helmet design for the Avengers character 'Wasp' looks stunning -- best printed with ExcelFil EVO Coal Black.

Avengers Wasp Helmet

And the detail in this model deer skull is impressive.
I'd sure love to see that as a finished 3D printed mask. 

But I'm not sure what the wife will have to say about it!




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