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BioFila Linen & Silk

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BioFila Linen & Silk
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With an aim to nurture the environment while creating an exceptional product, bioFila has created an inspired line of 3D printing filaments. Their filament materials are made with polymers derived from sustainable biodegradable raw materials like wood, and have a charpy on the same level as the best ABS plastics, so warping and bridging are concerns of the past.

Their 3D printing filament line-up includes bioFila silk, a shiny filament with a sheen resembling silk; bioFila Linen, a printing filament that can either have a rough or smooth surface, depending on the printing temperature; and bioFila PlaTec, a 3D printing filament material that easily competes in strength and durability with petrol-based plastics.

If you're tired of debating the merits of PLA vs. ABS and are ready to make a sophisticated change to your 3D printing process and a revitalizing change for our planet, then look no further than bioFila.


  • Material weight:  1.6lbs (0.75kg)
  • Gross weight: 2.3lbs (1.1kg)
  • Spool Outer Diameter: 7.5" or 8"
  • Spool Inner Diameter: 1"
  • Spool Width: 2.25" or 2.75"