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Voltivo ExcelFil Tech Composite
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An advanced 3D printing filament, designed for cutting-edge 3D printing applications, Voltivo ExcelFil TECH materials are perfect for prototyping, architecture, art and hobby projects. With a diameter and roundness accuracy better than 0.03mm and filament that creates strong layer bonds which are incredibly rigid when cooled, this high-quality 3D printing filament is perfectly suited for and tested with a wide range of 1.75mm and 3mm 3D printers.

ExcelFil TECH 3D printing filament comes in these varieties:

  • Copper composite
  • Aluminium composite
  • Bronze composite
  • Wood composite
  • Flexible

Only virgin binder polymer and composite raw materials are selected to make these advanced metal, wood and flexible filaments, so there is no scrap or recycled product used.

Excelfil TECH prints beautifully and safely on brass nozzles down to 0.35mm, and has been carefully balanced to print on any standard printer even without heat-bed or stainless steel nozzle upgrades.

ExcelFil TECH printing materials also allow for easy extrusion due to their tight laser-controlled tolerances, smooth flow characteristics over a large temperature range, rapid cooling, and a high tensile strength.

Your 3D printing filament is packaged in vacuum shrink wrap with a desiccant bag to ensure controlled humidity levels during shipping, and once your product has arrived, you can address any questions with Voltivo’s support website, which is complete with tested print temperature guidelines.


  • Material weight:  1.1lbs (0.5kg)
  • Gross weight: 1.7lbs (0.8kg)
  • Spool Outer Diameter: 8"
  • Spool Inner Diameter: 2.25"
  • Spool Width: 1.75"